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  • GALYA - Pianist, Composer and Performing Artist
  • GALYA - Pianist, Composer and Performing Artist
  • GALYA - Pianist, Composer and Performing Artist
  • GALYA - Pianist, Composer and Performing Artist
  • GALYA - Pianist, Composer and Performing Artist

"22 Piano Tales" review by Steve Sheppard

The one thing that you will note form Galya’s work is her ability to play with emotion and feeling as well as the practical knowledge of her skill, a fine example of that is the next piece called Live in Love. This is a delightfully charming piece that tugs at the heart strings, the structure of this composition and many others you are going to hear, are brilliantly composed and arranged.

Merci is up next and while softer than the previous piece, this one has a wonderful melodic sense of calm about it; I have enjoyed listening to this one several times now.

A song that bears no relation to Bob Segar as far as I know is ready for us to delve into; it’s called Turning The Page, by some sense of synchronicity this is one of my favourite tracks off the album and the build and progression and the irresistible melody charmed me so much, that I played along with my acoustic guitar to it, this is an extremely beautiful song, that I would recommend a further listen.

My Angel plays for you now, and is one of the more cinematic styled compositions on the album; there is something about the performance on this piece that takes you to another realm entirely.

By now dear reader you will have gathered that each track on this sumptuous album is either just under, or just over, two minutes, but somehow Galya seems within each piece, to have got her message over with skill and genuine love of her art, just listen to this next amazing composition called Rose Garden. Here we have a flower in the secret garden of musical mystery and imagination, a piece crafted so carefully and with a delicacy, one would indeed touch the petals of a flower with reverence, whilst listening.

Moving swiftly to a moving track that reminded me in parts of Doug Hammers track Heart from a couple of years back, Adieu is a melancholy filled song of immense emotion, and deep sadness, but as in all things sad, there can also be found great beauty and when one door closes another opens.

That door has just creaked open dear listener, with the next offering called Happy Birthday, time to raise a smile now and celebrate another year passed, I am sure you will enjoy this new arrangement and if your reading it and it is your birthday, play this for your friends and family and enjoy your day.

Now you may have wished at some point for a track to ease your little ones off to sleep, try Lullaby by Galya, this is actually a very clever track with a slightly mysterious but at the same time calming and repeating melody to it.

Now and Forever is up next and although this piece is just under a minute and three quarters, it is some of the most beautiful piano I have heard for years, this track is quite stunning, especially the opening refrain.

I can barely believe dear reader and listener that we have reached the half way mark of the album, this sojourn within the realms of Galya, has been akin to the life of a butterfly and now we arrive on the blossom of another gem called Summer Dream, I can indeed see Galya playing in the middle of butterfly meadow whilst performing this piece.

The second half of this new release called 22 Piano Tales from Galya starts with a beautiful repose called Prelude. So with this tender introduction drawing to a close, let’s move into the next piece called First Autumn Leaf, here is a track that flows with a soothing but reflective arrangement.

Time now to sample the delights of a memory filled composition called Promise. I felt both an essence of truth and also regret within this piece, the performance on this song was quite deep and very emotive.

Eventide is indeed contemplative time for us all to gauge the efforts of the day and here we have the perfect accompaniment to that moment, an utterly enchanting composition, which fills the space around us with a perfect musical sunset.

Now we sit with Brother John a while, a light but brief remembrance, that I think your all going to recognise when you hear it.

The deep moving feelings within the following piece called Broken do not go unnoticed. This forlorn track wends its way with a narrative of something indeed broken that can never be fixed and thus will just disappear into the mist and nothingness and time. This one is mournfully beautiful in its own way.

Now as winter slowly disappears, we listen to an aptly named piece called, Frosen Flower. The energy of the higher notes and keys gives us a frosty track that repeats its way around the mind, and then the full flowing melody brings us a sense of memory and captures pleasantly, a moment in time for us all to savour.

As we move to the end of the album we are gifted Legende Du Vent Doux, as you may expect, this has a real European flavour to it and the tempo would lend its self perfectly to any film noir movie.

One of my other favourites from this new album is this piece, it’s called Lily. Some may see this as simple composition of just over two minutes, while of course that is true; it is Galya’s adroit ability to musically paint the picture, which will capture your musical hearts.

So to the penultimate track, and a piece quite respectfully called Good Evening to You, or as we would say in Cyprus, Kalespera, this is actually quite a powerful arrangement and played with a good deal of intent by the well-practiced hands of Galya.

It is now time for us to lay the book of compositions to one side dear constant reader and listener, as we now find ourselves at the final track off the album and Galya has really saved us a treat to go out with called Night Wind. The melody blows around us like the chilling breezes of late winter, but under the dark filled cloak of the night we are granted safety and sanctuary within the music.

It has to be said that 22 Piano Tales will take you in the ultimate solo piano journey, Galya’s skilful and deeply thoughtful performance, will lead you through the narrative of this release with a gentleness and ease of a true master. This album is a must for all lovers of the solo piano genre, but one that true music aficionados will be eager to snag, the playing and performance is superb and the careful intent of musical arrangements deserves to be admired.

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13 Feb 2015
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