As one of classical music’s most enchanting performers and personalities, Galya has captivated audiences around the world. A brilliant composer and pianist who has been writing her own music since early childhood, Galya is a unique artist who is firmly grounded in the music of the great composers like Debussy, Bach and Prokofiev, but also is keenly aware of the desires of her modern day listeners.

Galya released four albums of original romantic music for piano solo (“If Only”, “Winter Love”, “Key of Dreams”, “22 Piano Tales”), all have been well received worldwide, got good chart’s positions, prestigious nominations and awards.

The empathic relationship with her audience is most evident in her virtuoso performances that she captures in her breathtakingly beautiful music videos. Galya’s music has long been evocative of stories, which is why her compositions translate so naturally to music videos.

Interview par Kathy Parsons

Galya live


  • 2009 - «If Only» (album)
  • 2010 – “Winter Love” (EP)
  • 2011 – “Key of Dreams” (album)
  • 2012 – “If Only” (Jingo Records edition)
  • 2014 – “Piano Paris” (single)
  • 2014 – “22 Piano Tales” (Album)

Official Music Videos (Official YouTube channel)

  • “Lightness”
  • “Silence”
  • “Ocean Song”
  • “Breath”
  • “Winter Love”
  • “Angel Dust”
  • “Riverland”
  • “Key of Dreams”
  • “Piano Paris”
  • "Turning the Page”

Awards & Nominations

“If Only…”

2010 - «Top 25 of 2010»- Kathy Parsons Music Review Critic

2012 - 2nd place in the “TOP 10 Classical albums on KKBOX Music Billboard charts” (Taiwan)

“Key of Dreams”

2012 - «Top 26 of 2012»- Kathy Parsons Music Review Critic

2013 - Nominated for Album of the Year 2012 by

“Piano Paris”

2014 - WINNER “Best Contemporary Classical Songwriter 2014” award from Indie Music Channel

2014 - Nominated for “Best Contemporary Classical/Instrumental” by Hollywood Music in Media

"22 Piano Tales"

2015 - WINNER “Classical/Modern Classical Album of the Year 2014” by